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Workforce Governance & Compliance Management Software

Unified workforce governance and compliance management software designed for organisations operating across multiple locations, projects, and facilities with a blended workforce of employees, third-party contractors, and suppliers.
Your business challenges are unique. We believe advice & solutions should be too.

Are you Looking to Improve Governance & Compliance Management of Employees, Contingent Workers, Contractors & Suppliers?

Integrated governance and compliance management software can help organisations mitigate business, operational, legislative, and regulatory risk prior to any organisation-wide assignment or contractual engagement by configuring the individual requirements of each stage of the stakeholder compliance lifecycle journey from procurement, recruiting, pre-qualification, onboarding, deployment, offboarding and through to closeout.

Zampa has a proven track record in helping organisations operating across multiple locations, projects, or facilities with a blended workforce of employees, contingent workers, third-party contractors and suppliers provide and maintain all mandatory compliance requirements including insurances, policies, safety management systems, accreditations, certifications and regulatory information.

By digitising, standardising, and enforcing governance and compliance management processes and practices using a single centralised cloud system, organisations can:

  • Transition to a centralised, cloud-based software solution configured to your company's individual needs to eliminate a reliance upon manual, resource intensive and outdated paper-based processes, multiple internal systems or shared drives
  • Automate, manage, and monitor the status or currency of insurances, policies, safety management systems, accreditations, certifications, and regulatory information submitted by employees, contractors and suppliers regardless of location, project or facility
  • Unify, standardise, and centralise corporate, project and facility workforce governance and compliance resourcing, recruitment, onboarding, induction, mobilisation and offboarding/close-out processes or requirements
  • Embed governance, compliance and risk management best practices across all organisational, project and daily business activities
If you are struggling with manual paper-based and labour-intensive processes to manage employee, contractor, and supplier compliance across multiple locations, projects and facilities or simply want to transition away from siloed or internal management systems that are no longer fit for purpose, talk to the team at Zampa.

Feature Overview

Configurable Workforce Governance & Compliance Management Software
Support employee, contractor, or supplier governance and compliance across your organisation, individual business units, projects, or facilities with end-to-end workforce governance and compliance management software configured to your company's unique needs and requirements.
Secure & Scalable Workforce Governance & Compliance Management Module
Eliminate manual, resource intensive and outdated paper-based management processes or practices with a secure, cloud-based governance and compliance management module accessible from any internet enabled device.
Integrated Talent & Resourcing Compliance Management
Internal talent marketplace compliance ensures only pre-qualified employees, contractors, and suppliers with the appropriate expertise, skills, performance ratings and compliance conditions are selected and assigned to organisational roles, projects, or facilities.
Workforce, Contractor & Supplier Pre-Qualification Management
Verify, authenticate, and assess workforce, contractor and supplier skills, competencies and compliance (including submitted documentation or records) during procurement, onboarding, and induction pre-qualification.
Integrated Workforce, Contractor & Supplier Compliance Lifecycle Management
Integrated workforce, contractor, and supplier lifecycle compliance management functionality that equips executive leadership, management and HR teams with a single ‘source of truth’ view of individual employees, contingent workers, contractors, and supplier compliance profiles.
End-to-End Workforce Lifecycle & Resource Compliance Management
Manage, standardise and support organisational, project or facility workforce resourcing compliance requirements with comprehensive hire-to-retire lifecycle governance management including sourcing, recruiting, pre-screening, onboarding, deployment, performance evaluation and integrated talent pool management.
Workforce Compliance Management Reporting
Configurable workforce compliance management reporting capabilities allows executive leadership, project or facility management teams to view, track, monitor and run detailed reports across a range of stakeholder compliance data including, risk, safety, performance and compliance status.
Workforce Documentation, Policy & Compliance Management
Ensure employees, contractors, and suppliers provide and maintain all mandatory corporate, project or facility specific compliance documents, records, policies and requirements prior to any organisation-wide assignment or contractual engagement.
Configurable Workforce Onboarding & Induction Compliance Management
Manage corporate, project and facility compliance onboarding, induction and mobilisation pathways and processes using configurable templates, forms, questionnaires, and checklists based on specific workforce, contractor, and supplier compliance requirements.
Corporate Compliance & Governance Management Oversight
Integrated workforce and human capital management (HCM) ensures organisations can effectively connect relevant stakeholder compliance data across multiple locations, projects, and facilities to support and enforce corporate governance management oversight requirements.
Strategic Workforce Resource Compliance Management
A centralised talent pool of pre-qualified candidates, contingent workers, third-party contractors, and suppliers provides organisations with a direct resourcing capability to map internal resource demands with the expertise, skills and compliance documentation required.

Workforce Lifecycle Management Software Deployment Options

Every proposed Zampa solution is tailored to an organisation’s unique operating context and workforce management challenges and priorities. Zampa can be deployed either as a single platform or through a combination of individual modules using our proprietary 'Listen, Learn, Lead' methodology.
Co-managed Option
For growth phase companies without dedicated resources who require a co-managed deployment model with ongoing support of a dedicated team.
Plug & Play Option
For companies with internal expertise who require a plug & play deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.
Enterprise Option
For mature companies with internal teams who require a standard SaaS deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.

Our Case Studies

Selected workforce lifecycle management software & consulting services case studies for organisations operating with a blended workforce within high-risk or highly compliant industry sectors.

Is your Organisation Struggling to Manage Workforce Resourcing, Performance, Governance & Compliance?

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