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Workforce Onboarding & Induction Management Software

Integrated workforce onboarding and induction software designed for organisations operating across multiple locations, projects, and facilities with a blended workforce of employees, third-party contractors, and suppliers.
Your business challenges are unique. We believe advice & solutions should be too.

Deliver Automated, Configurable & Personalised Employee, Contingent Worker, Contractor or Supplier Onboarding & Induction Journeys

Management, HR, and project teams are under increasing pressure to meet company-wide workforce resourcing demands; reducing the time it takes to onboard, induct, deploy, or mobilise employees, contractors, and suppliers; whilst at the same time ensuring individual or corporate stakeholder compliance and competency requirements are satisfied.

Zampa has been designed to help organisations operating in high-risk or high-compliance industries transition from existing onboarding and induction practices that are reliant upon manual and paper-based processes, or internal systems that can no longer support the requirements of a diverse hybrid workforce and provide ongoing workforce compliance and governance management capability.

Using Zampa’s online SaaS system to standardise, automate and digitise individual onboarding and induction processes, and practices, organisations can:

  • Deliver employee, contingent worker, contractor or supplier specific company, project or facility onboarding, induction, and mobilisation journeys
  • Eliminate a reliance upon manual, labour-intensive approaches, paper-based processes or internal systems that are no longer fit for purpose
  • Automatically create onboarded and inducted employee, contractor, and supplier profiles (with associated compliance and competency records) into an internal workforce directory
  • Seamlessly integrate workforce sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, induction, mobilisation, and profile management

If your current practices, processes, and systems are no longer capable of supporting the demands of onboarding, inducting, and mobilising a hybrid workforce of employees, contractors, and suppliers across multiple locations, projects and facilities, talk to the team at Zampa.

Feature Overview

Configurable Corporate & Individual Stakeholder Onboarding, Induction & Mobilisation
Configure, personalise, and deliver tailored onboarding and induction pathways for employees, contractors and suppliers based on specific corporate, project or facility requirements.
Centralised Stakeholder Profile & Records Management
Automatically synchronise and create employee, contractor, and supplier organisational profiles including submitted documents, records, and data fields (issue and expiry dates) within a centralised organisational stakeholder / talent database.
Stakeholder Document, Records & Policy Compliance Management
Enforce compliance through automated business rules and approval workflows for all mandatory forms, policy attestation and submitted compliance records, insurances and documents.
Supplier & Contractor Pre-Qualification Management
Assess, verify and authenticate documents, compliance records, policies, insurances, qualifications and completed forms submitted by contractors and suppliers (including their personnel) during the onboarding and induction process for approval to work / pre-qualification.
Configurable Workflow, Task & Action Management
Configure and deliver tailored workforce onboarding and induction forms, workflows, task requirements, and action management requirements according to company-wide, project or facility specific conditions.
Secure, Cloud-Based Onboarding & Induction Management
Eliminate manual, resource intensive and outdated paper-based onboarding or induction processes with a secure, SaaS cloud-based onboarding, induction and mobilisation solution.
COVID Specific Compliance Management
Automate and enforce pre-employment compliance for any corporate, project and facility specific COVID conditions including verification of vaccine status or certificates, attestation to all COVID related work or general health policies and safe operating practices.
Project / Facility Onboarding, Induction & Mobilisation Management
Deliver project or facility specific workforce, contractor and supplier onboarding & induction pathways based on individual stakeholder and activity competency or compliance requirements.
Comprehensive Onboarding & Induction Reporting
Configurable reporting capabilities ensures executive leadership, HR or management teams are able to view, track, monitor and report across a range stakeholder onboarding and induction data.
Integrated Onboarding & Induction Asset Management
Assign, record, link and manage employee, contractor, or supplier assets (including asset related documents) within an integrated asset directory during corporate, project, or facility onboarding and induction journeys.

Workforce Lifecycle Management Software Deployment Options

Every proposed Zampa solution is tailored to an organisation’s unique operating context and workforce management challenges and priorities. Zampa can be deployed either as a single platform or through a combination of individual modules using our proprietary 'Listen, Learn, Lead' methodology.
Co-managed Option
For growth phase companies without dedicated resources who require a co-managed deployment model with ongoing support of a dedicated team.
Plug & Play Option
For companies with internal expertise who require a plug & play deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.
Enterprise Option
For mature companies with internal teams who require a standard SaaS deployment model with access to software support & consulting services.

Our Case Studies

Selected workforce lifecycle management software & consulting services case studies for organisations operating with a blended workforce within high-risk or highly compliant industry sectors.

Is your Organisation Struggling to Manage Workforce Resourcing, Performance, Governance & Compliance?

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